The New School - 65 West 11th St / by Mark DuBois

We always have projects we are working on at The New School.  From renovating dormitories to full scale gutting and designing full floor office spaces, Deborah Fantera always seems to have her hands full.  A few of our current projects include the renovation of the Wollman Cafeteria, the Provost Office, and the new space for the Department of Design and Construction.

Wollman Cafeteria was recreated with bold colors, natural light and clean edges.  We created an inviting space for students and faculty to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and just study time.

The Provost Office on 12th Street needed more light.  The use of glass doors, low partitions, and white with a splash or red helped create an open space conducive to a bustling work environment.

We were pleased to be asked to design the Department of Design and Construction’s new space on University Place.  By removing the closed offices, we were able to create an open floor layout with the large windows shedding plenty of natural light throughout the space.